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30 December 2007 @ 08:32 pm
52 icons  
So many icons, so little time! I have the beautiful Utada, and fun Rika, the dangerous ayumi, the queen koda,and whats this sweeny todd too? Also I see one sailor moon also. I hope you enjoy!

As usual:
♥ Credit My Icons. You may credit either purebliss4me or pockyicons
♥ Do not hotlink
♥ Do not edit my icons in anyway
♥ Icons with no text are NOT bases
♥ Comments are love
♥ Enjoy! (this entry wont be public for long!)

Ayumix6 (09-14)
Koda Kumix8 (15-22)
Rikax16 (23-37)
Sweeny Toddx15 (38-51)
Sailor Moonx1 (52)

Preview :

(cut to my icon journal)